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Teresa served time between 2009 - 2011 at the Langata Women Maximum Security Prison accompanied by her then one-year-old daughter.

Her first-hand experience of prison, the desperate plight of the women and girls she met behind bars and the revolving door of crime and poverty she witnessed inspired her to devote her life to the equipping, empowering and preparation of imprisoned women for the precarious journey of reintegration into society.
After her release, Teresa, along with her still suckling toddler, met with the Director of Rehabilitation and Welfare of the Kenya Prisons Service in 2013. This meeting marked the beginning of a journey to address the plight of female prisoners in and out of prison. The Director’s affirmation set Teresa on an interaction path with other formerly imprisoned women for 2 years.
Teresa, inspired by the women’s stories of rejection, stigma, lack of occupational opportunities and their painful reconciliation journey, was motivated to continue reaching out to other women and conducting prison visits.
Concurrently, outreach work was being conducted mainly in faith-based institutions for donations for the women and the children in prison. This movement identified itself as “Support Me in My Shoes”.
The increase of women expressing the same loneliness, hardships, stigma, bias and discrimination across community meant that there is a need to consolidate learning, increase of outreach activities while striving to access opportunities and occupational options for the formerly imprisoned women. ‘Support me in My Shoes’ was incorporated and registered as Clean Start in 2015 with the aim of providing a second chance to women and girls leaving prison. Since then, Clean Start has continued to grow in stature, attracting partners and, individual donors while desperately attempting to respond to diverse issues facing women in and out of prison.
By 2019, Clean Start had started attracting institutional donors and other well-wishers. It became apparent that there was a need to consolidate its learning, sharpen its vision, mission and develop programmatic pillars that could steer it moving forward. The organization is still committed to delivering impactful pre-and post-release programs for imprisoned women that enable them to transition, reintegrate and access livelihood opportunities and reconciliation pathways that ensure they are citizens who are fully functional and contribute to society.


LEGAL STATUS OF ORGANIZATION Company limited by guarantee
STAFFING PROFILE AND STRUCTURE Governance Board - Senior Management Team - Staff - Volunteers
NEEDS SERVED / IMPORTANCE Building resilience, transition and reintegration.
GEOGRAPHIC REGION SERVED Kenya: (Nairobi, Kiambu, Machakos, Nyeri, Embu and Meru Counties)

We are Women, For Women By Women!

Teresa Njoroge

CEO & Founder

Rebecca Mumo

Managing Director

Enid Sirengo

Finance Manager

Rose Remour

Human Resource and Admin Manager.

Cyprine Omollo

Program Manager

Nyambura Kogi

Manager Research, Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning

Sarah Nasimiyu

Partnership and Fundraising Coordinator.

Irene Wangla

Research Monitoring,Evaluation, Accountability and Learning Coordinator.

Milkah Njau

Executive Assistant to the CEO.

Jane Ouma

Transition Coordinator

Nancy Awuor Agembo


Mumbi Muguongo

Children's Affairs Coordinator

Faith Mumbua

Office Assistant.

Leilah Kamweru

Law and Research Assistant

Sarah Odima


Terry Bii


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